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2018 Sunday Sermons


01-07-18 AM  Rick Kenyon  More About Jesus 

01-07-18 PM  Rick Kenyon  The Denominations

01-14-18 AM  Rick Kenyon  Living a Practical Faith: From Stressing to Blessing (James 1:1-18) 

01-14-18 PM  David Ramage  Who Was the Eunich that Philip taught

01-21-18 AM  Rick Kenyon  Living a Practical Faith: Reflecting Your Religion (James 1:19-27) 

01-21-18 PM  Rick Kenyon  The Rise of Catholicism

01-28-18 AM  Rick Kenyon  Living a Practical Faith: Faith or Favoritism? (James 2:1-13)

01-28-18 PM  Rick Kenyon  "Church History" - Catholic Domination


02-04-18 AM  Rick Kenyon  Living a Practical Faith: What About "Faith Only"? (James 2:14-26) 

02-04-18 PM  Rick Kenyon  Rise of the Reformation

02-11-18 AM  Rick Kenyon  Living a Practical Faith: The Terrible Tongue Twister (James 3:1-12)

02-11-18 PM  Rick Kenyon  Conclusion from Church History

02-18-18 AM  Rick Kenyon  Living a Practical Faith: Where is Wisdom? (James 3:13-18)

02-18-18 PM  Rick Kenyon  It's a Miracle...Or Is It?

02-25-18 AM Rick Kenyon  Living a Practical Faith: Portrait of a Worldly Christian (James 4:1-12) 

02-25-18 PM Rick Kenyon  You Call That a Miracle?


03-04-18 AM Rick Kenyon  Living a Practical Faith: What Are You Banking On? (James 4:13-5:12)

03-04-18 PM Rick Kenyon  Christ-like Unity

03-11-18 AM Rick Kenyon  Living a Practical Faith: It's Time to Live it! (James 5:12-20)

03-11-18 PM Rick Kenyon  Strengthening the Church with HOME 

03-18-18 AM Walt Person  Conduct Worthy of The Gospel

03-18-18 PM Rick Kenyon  The Strength of FATHER

03-25-18 AM Rick Kenyon  Dead with Christ

03-25-18 PM Rick Kenyon  Strength to REPENT


04-01-18 AM  Rick Kenyon  Risen with Christ

04-01-18 PM  Rick Kenyon  Before Sin Comes... Avoiding Temptation

04-08-18 AM Rick Kenyon  Living with Christ 

04-08-18 PM Rick Kenyon  Before Sin Comes... Enduring Temptation

04-15-18 AM Hiram Kemp  Five Building Blocks for a Great Church

04-15-18 PM Hiram Kemp  Living Love in a Hostile World

04-22-18 AM Wayne Elam  The Individual Within the Collective

04-22-18 PM Wayne Elam  We Need Each Other

04-29-18 AM Derrick Bailey  The Good News

04-29-18 PM Tim Brown  God's Family


05-06-18 AM  Guest Speaker Brother Wonderful Booker

05-06-18 PM unavaiable due to technical difficulties

05-13-18 AM  David Ramge - The church of Christ is a Unique Institution

05-13-18 PM  Not recorded

05-20-18 AM  Wayne Elam - I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light

05-20-18 PM  Not recorded

05-27-18 AM  Derrick Bailey - What Thus Sayeth the Lord

05-27-18 PM  Not rcorded


06-03-18 AM  David Ramage - The Preacher and His Work

06-10-18  AM  John Kirkland - Job

06-10-18  PM  Not recorded

06-17-18  AM  Rich Howell - Learning Fatherhood from the Son

06-24-18  AM  Rich Howell - The Measure You Get


07-01-18  AM  David Ramage - What Are You Looking At What Are You Thinking About

07-08-18  AM  Karl Adair - Restoration is Coming

07-15-18  AM  Damien Barber - Jesus is the Vine, We Are The Branches

07-22-18  AM  Keith Olbricht - What Christians Possess

07-22-18  PM  Keith Olbricht - Complaining

07-29-18  AM  Wayne Elam - Do We Really Want Freedom?

07-29-18 PM  John Kirkland - How Can We Overcome Sin?

08-05-18 AM  David Ramage - The Four "Rs" of Repentance

08-12-18  AM  Kyle Smith - Spiritual Immaturity

08-12-18  PM  Kyle Smith - Self Control

08-19-18  AM  Robert Mann - Sometimes We Need a Second Chance

08-19-18  PM  Robert Mann - Wise Advice

08-26-18  AM  Keith Smith - Why I Beliove the it Enough

09-02-18  AM  Darrell Allen - Jesus as Our Elder Brother

09-02-18  PM  Darrell Allen - Love Your Enemies

09-09-18  David Ramage - David and Bathsheba a Man Restored

09-16-18  Theyo Elam - God Does Not Change

09-23-18  John Kirkland - Why God Let's Us Go Through Trials

09-30-18  Derrick Bailey - Journey to the Promise Land

10-07-18  Wayne Elam - Worship

10-14-18 - David Ramage - The Great Commission 

10-21-18 - John Kirkland - Why I Want to Be a Christian

10-28-18 - Wayne Elam - Draw Near (AM)

10-28-18 - Wayne Elam - Draw Near (PM)

11-04-18 - David Ramage - Lessons From the Burnt Offering

11-11-18  AM Tim Childs - God's Plan of Salvation The Rold of Grace and Faith

11-11-18  PM  Tim Childs - Jesus, The Master Teacher

11-18-18  AM  Todd Kempton - Come as You Are but Don't Leave as You Came

11-18-18  PM  Todd Kempton - Choose One or the Other

11-25-18  AM  Wayne Elam - The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rocks

12-16-18  Nathan Wheeler - God's Promise:  Luke 1

12-23-18  Nathan Wheeler - From the Throne to the Manger: Luke 2

12-30-18  unavailable due to technical difficulties